Remote Operated Vehicles

Magnetic heavy duty rover VT 100 DAR – Visatec

visatec VT 100 DAR ROV is a watertight magnetic rover for heavy duty applications with an articulated arm and integrated rear camera. Its modular design allows mounting of various attachments and tools, e.g. visual inspection cameras, grippers and other manipulators

VT 34 FW underwater magnetic crawler – Visatec

Compact, versatile and manoeuvrable magnetic crawler with magnetic wheels or magnetic chain drive. Built-in rare earth magnets in the chains or tracks allow the crawler to travel vertically, horizontally and even upside down on ferrous metal surfaces like tanks, pipes or duct work. It's also perfectly suited for offshore inspections of sea chests or the ship hull. The magnetic crawler can be equipped with our world smallest industrial pan and tilt camera VT 34 PT or many other inspection cameras or UT equipment for non-destructive testing. Using its built-in lighting and rear camera the VT 34 FW magnetic crawler is very easy to operate.

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