3D Printing

Using 3D printing technology can turn your digital designs into reality.

3D technology has an enormous impact in prototype development; the ability to deliver a prototype from concept to a physical object can be done within hours.

This turnaround can make a huge saving in terms of design cycles and delivery timeframes.


Whether you are creating or modifying an existing product, 3D rapid prototyping can greatly reduce the research and development time. This method will provide numerous benefits in the concept and design stages of a project including:

  • The ability to produce several variations of a design at once
  • Creating prototypes without full tooling manufacturing
  • Improving the product or correcting mistakes throughout the evolution of the product
  • Use of the final product while the final product is being produced

Full Assemblies

3D Printing can also create full assemblies, this method is ideal for demonstrating scale models, due to the advantage of the rapid prototyping technology.

Our 3D printing service can include:

  • Full assemblies of all parts for testing and demonstration purposes
  • A substitute while waiting for final products to be completed from production facility
  • A visual scaled down 3D prototype model, as a way of communicating the product for presentations and meetings
  • A way of producing multiple variations of a specific design concept while the product evolves, allowing client the opportunity to continue with the design and prototype before committing to final tooling.

Our Customers