Onsite services including mechanical maintenance support, call outs and preventative maintenance.

We have the capability and expertise to respond quickly, our 24/7call out services ensures we meet our customer aims in all industry sectors. In addition, we have in-house manufacturing capabilities to create bespoke machinery to conduct complex projects.

Our pool of competent multi-skilled technicians expertly deliver our services to our client base wherever the location.

Our site service team covers a wide range of disciplines including:

  • diagnostic work
  • new installations
  • removal and re-installations of components, upgrades, renewals
  • hose replacement service
  • system overhaul, monitoring and testing

Through prior arrangements we can offer tailored packages of maintenance to equipment and 24 hour callout to cover breakdowns. Our engineers are fully equipped with service vehicles carrying a wide range of tooling and hose making equipment.

TAKTOW - Maryport Habour

Overhaul of hydraulic system for the tugs crane included ram re seals, hoses, valve block and control system.

TUG Boat at Maryport Habour

The site team replaces 3 propeller shaft seals on the tug… this job had to be done in-between tides in the outer part of Maryport harbour, the boats seals had failed and was starting to take on water

Robin Rig Wind Farm – Solway Coast

The call out van was lifted on to the tug to attend a call out on the site on the robin rig wind farm in the Solway cost

The Docks in Barrow

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Day 1 - The site services team removing hydraulic cylinders on this crane in Barrow dock, the crane is capable of a 10t lift at maximum reach. One of the cylinders we are removing is 800kgs and has a bore of 300mm.

Day 2 - Refitting the hydraulic cylinders along with fitting new and existing hoses.

On site - Hose Installation

42 hydraulic hoses made for one of our customers on their site over 2 days Included:

84 ferrules 84 ends And 65 meters of hose

Heavy Plant

Burst hydraulic hose on the monster machine it had burst a 1/12” 6 wire hose over 3 meters in length, our break down team had the monster machine up and running within 3 hours

Heavy Plant

Faulty hydraulic cylinder that needed removed resealed, refitted, the damage was so extreme that the rod had to be replaced this meant the 80mm solid chrome rod needed machined and then reassembled, tested and fitted.

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