Forth RESURGAM – RESURGAM (robotic survey, repair & agile manufacture) RESURGAM (robotic survey, repair & agile manufacture) proposes to leverage recent ground-breaking developments in Friction Stir Welding (FSW). Launched on February 1st 2021, this multi-disciplinary consortium representing European shipbuilding and maintenance stakeholders (ACLUNAGA, NED-Project, AISTER, TSA, EWF), research organisations with specialist expertise in the relevant […]
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Forth World-first technology to boost renewable energy sector WORLD-FIRST robotics technology is being developed which will help a key component in the renewable energy sector operate more efficiently. FORTH Forth Engineering in Cumbria hosted Drop One Trials of the autonomous underwater system for nuclear inspection at its headquarters in Cumbria in August. Lightweight Robot Partnerships […]
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Forth FSWbot – By Forth Engineering’s Programme Manager, Peter Routledge World-first technology being developed in the UK to improve performance and safety for industries around globe on course for trials in early 2021 One segment will carry the FSW machine and a steel patch dispenser, with the other segments carrying the navigation, control system, communications, […]
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Active Projects Chimera – Robot Inspection of Pressure Vessels Pressure vessels are considered safety critical infrastructure industries such as oil and gas, nuclear, and petrochemical. The Forth Engineering Solution Internal pressure vessel inspection has significant cost and health and safety risk associated with it and is required at specific intervals by industry codes/standards.  In order […]
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Forth A2I2 – Underwater survey robot on target after successful trials A STATE-OF-THE-ART underwater survey robot being developed by a collaboration of companies from across the UK is on schedule for completion next spring after a successful first demonstration. FORTH Forth Engineering in Cumbria hosted Drop One Trials of the autonomous underwater system for nuclear […]
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