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Given Forth’s proven expertise of delivering solutions in the harsh environment of the nuclear industry, especially at Sellafield Ltd, Forth is able to apply its thinking and experience to other hazardous industries around the world.
As well as across the nuclear sector Forth now has many global clients in the oil and gas, marine and renewables, including offshore wind markets.

While the range of industries Forth serves are extremely diverse, they all have a common thread of focussing on trying to remove “people” from hazardous, potentially life-threatening, situations. Much of Forth’s recent work has been based around providing remote solutions to allow decommissioning operations to be completed from a safe environment away from the workface.

Forth welcomes problem statements from any business or organisation and develops new methods using innovative technology which allows operators to achieve what was considered not possible before.

The majority of decommissioning projects which Forth is working on are world firsts and designed to save clients significant money, time and, more importantly, protect employees’ welfare.

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Robotic Solutions

Robotic solutions are used widely in nuclear sites globally. Given the nature of the nuclear industry, many areas of a site cannot be accessed by humans safely, or at least for any length of time, so robotic solutions play a huge part in the solution.

Forth manufactures many different ROVs, cameras, lighting systems, tools, deployment systems, and more to solve decommissioning challenges.
Forth has produced tracked vehicles, wheeled vehicles, pipe crawlers, swimming vehicles, and vacuum climbers to operate in the many different environments.

More recently there has been a dramatic increase in the usage of drones, and Forth sees more robotic systems being utilised as technologies develop further. Forth sees it as vital to continue to develop these solutions further so that challenging decommissioning projects around the world can be completed more safely and efficiently.

We work closely with industry leaders in a wide range of sectors to help them deliver innovative and ground-breaking solutions to complex problems.
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